Why do you do this?

Why march for human rights and dignity? We want to walk with refugees and refugees, with volunteer associations to denounce an increasingly restrictive asylum policy and to show solidarity with those who come to Switzerland in search of an asylum. The Swiss humanitarian tradition, to whose values we are inspired and committed in particular to the promotion of peace, human rights and international humanitarian law, is increasingly overwhelmed by decisions taken at federal, cantonal and municipal level. We want to show that we are seriously worried and that there is a civil society open and solid, ready to do its part to ensure the same rights to everyone.


Why should I join you?

Join us if you believe that the rights must be the same for everyone.
Join us if you think that Switzerland could accommodate more refugees.
Join us to ask for the detention centers being closed.
Join us for a more humane migration policy.
Join us to fight the Dublin separations that separate families.
Join us against the expulsions of those who fall into poverty.
Join us to share a walking experience with migrant populations, to listen to their voice.
Join us if you believe in the power of civil movements.

And if you do not believe it, but you want to test your disbelief – you will still be in that case.
After all, it’s like voting. Each vote counts. Each participant counts.
Join us!


Who’s promoting the march?

The BAINVEGNI FUGITIVS MARSCH is promoted by the “Committee for a new migration policy” and by “Solidarité sans Frontière”. Participants can join and join citizens and clubs, associations and NGOs in accordance with MANIFESTO. It is a cross-bottomed “bottom” policy open to everyone.


How long is the march taking?

The march will start on the 14th of October in Bellinzona and will end on the 10th of December, on the human rights – day, back in Bellinzona. The rout stretches across 52 stages and about 1000 kilometers. Click here  to see the complete route.  


Where are we going to sleep?

We will sleep in Hotels, gyms, pensions or on camping. We are currently contacting various organizations to ask for their support to finding suitable sleeping places along the rout. We’re eager to find free places to stay. Nevertheless, there might be a chance that a small donation is necessary in order to have a proper place to sleep.


What about food?

The organization of the march will offer simple food prepared by a field kitchen. Thanks to the help of partner organizations, we’ll be able to offer richer food along the route. For Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner we kindly ask you for a small donation.


Is the march appropriate for families and children?

Yes, the march is proper for adults and children. Please be aware that the full responsibility for children lies with their parents. Please check the stages on the route. Some stages are shorter and therefore especially suitable for families with kids.


Is the march appropriate for handicapped people?

Everyone is welcome to join the journey. However, please be aware that the march is a walking-tour and includes rough terrain. There won’t be toilets along the way all the time and temperatures can fall below zero in this time of the year. If you don’t feel able to physically overcome those barriers, meet us in Bellinzona for a good bye and a welcome, or support us online and on social media.


Can I bring my pet?

Yes, you can. Not all accommodations are welcoming animals inside the house. If you bring your pet, be aware that you’re fully responsible for it’s food and that it might need to spend the nights outside.


Can I just join for a day? How?

Yes, of course you can join us for one day or a couple of hours only. You can monitor our progress online and on social media and just join us. If you need to find out exactly where we are, please call us on this number: +41 76 597 37 49


I can’t join the march. Can I support you elsewise?

It would be a pleasure to have you with us, but of course we understand that it is not possible for everyone. First of all you can share the news of our march. The more people hear about it, the better. Please use the hash tag #BainvegniFugitivsMarsch. Secondly, we’re grateful for support in finding accommodations along the route. Maybe you have contacts at the local school or other organizations that’d be willing to host us for a night or even just offer a cup of warm tee along the way.


What’s the schedule of a hiking day?

6:00 waking

7:00 breakfast

8:00 – 12:00 march (every hour 10-15min break)

12:30 – 13:30 lunch

13.:30 – 15:30 hike to next stage

15:30 – 17:30 time for yourself

17:30 – 19:00 cooking & proceedings

19:00 – 20:00 dinner

20:00 – 22:00 meet with the locals

23:00 – 06:00 sleep

This is of course a rough schedule. Every day looks different. Sometimes we’ll walk more, sometimes less and every day’s program is adapted to its participants and hosts.