Our Manifesto

The Swiss Civil March for Asylum Rights proposes a concrete action, civil and with a participation “from the grass roots level”. The march denounces an increasingly restrictive asylum policies and promotes solidarity towards the people who enter our contry seeking a land of asylum and safety.
Switzerland’s humanitarian tradition is one from which we take our inspiration, historically always commited in promoting peace, human rights, international humanitarian law (IHL) and the Rule of Law. Unfortunately now-a-days this tradition is increasingly disgregarded by the decisions made on all governmental levels: federal, cantonal and local.
For several years, many organizations have been increasingly concerned about the continuos restrictions to the asylum laws.
Recent political decisions has made the accomodation and the assistant increasingly hard, for those whom already are in the integration process. Difficulty in finding accomodations and housing, reduction of benefits, quota limitations for asylum seekers, humanitarian visa refusal for the severely ill and restriction of the right to family reunification. Even those who succeed in seeking asylum have to face a tightened up access to citizenship. “Dublin” forced repatriation that fail to take families’s unity into consideration, repatriation to unsafe third countries, sanctions to those in assistance, prohibition from travelling abroad for those who have A, N or F residence permit.
Finally, mesaures that are take to remove people who are considered undesirable are increasingly violent and violate the freedom of movement (massive recourse to administrive detention and other forms of coercive measures).
To denounce this policy, we have decided to cross Switzeland by foot, bringing inside swiss’s villages and towns the voice of refugees and displaced people. We will walk with them to demonstrate that a solidary and open Swtzerland still exists. A country ready to activate itself in order to rivindicate those right from whitch the refugees are deprived: right to work, to familiar hunity, citienship and human dignity. The boat is not full, is only necessary to create a little bit more space to fit everyone in.
Numerous petition are asking the Federal Coucil to both increase the number of refugees accepted and to apply politics that would be less inflexible and disrespectful of human rights: petition against “Dublin” rejections, resume the federal law on asylum, ecc.
We will be spokepersons across Switzerland for all the requests comming from our civil society, numerous associations, NGO close to migrants and refugees and whom fight for their rights. With this march we ask for the end of borders closures, the end of rejections, the end of policies that control and persecute asylum seekers.
We urge the opening of humanitaria corridors, also with the objective of family reunification. We invoke the respect of interantional conventions protecting unaccompained minors’s rights. For them exists and obbligation to provide assistance and protection, toghether with the ban on expulsions.
Let’s march together trough Switzerland, let’s meet people, open our hearts and our consciences.